THCV Tincture
THCV Tincture
THCV Tincture

THCV Tincture

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THCV IS Appetite control. Knowns as The "Sports Car of Cannabinoids" is now ready to ship.

  • THCV is known to produce a more motivated, alert and energizing feeling of euphoria. For this reason, it is often recommended for daytime or any time when functionality is important.
  • Kula CBD is proud to be the first brand to offer pure THCV tinctures and THCV + CBD blends. Read on to learn more about this extremely rare cannabinoid known for boosting energy and controlling one's appetite.
  • THCV --not to be confused with THC-- is one of the rarest cannabinoids. It is found in minuscule quantities in hemp, cannabis and other plants and is known for its clear-headed, stimulating, appetite-suppressing properties.
  • THCV is what gives cannabis sativas their energizing, focusing effects and has frequently been referred to as the "sports car of cannabinoids." However, even strains considered high in THCV, such as Durban Poison, usually only contain 1% of the specific compound. To consume them, one needs to smoke the cannabis flower or vape and be exposed to high levels of intoxicating THC. Recent advances in technology allow us to be the first to bring pure THCV tinctures to the market. This way, one can receive all the benefits of THCV, without smoking, vaping or being exposed to THC.
  • In addition to its uplifting and appetite suppressing properties, THCV may also help with diabetes, reduce panic attacks, help with Alzheimer's and stimulate bone growth. Learn more about THCV's health benefits on Leafly, the world's largest cannabis information website. 

Kula CBD is selling two types of THCV tinctures:

Pure Single Extracts - Contain 500mg THCV isolate in certified organic MCT coconut oil. Flavorless and can be used to amplify a full or broad spectrum CBD or THC oil. (THC below lab detectable levels)

Full Spectrum Blends - Contain 250mg THCV isolate, 250mg full spectrum CBD from organic Hawaiian hemp, certified organic MCT coconut oil and food grade certified organic wild orange and Italian lemon oils. Take alone as a daily hemp supplement. (THC below 0.3%)

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