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CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

CBD Muscle Cream

Full-spectrum (non-isolate) CBD that involves a variety of helpful compounds

Enriched with CBD, Menthol, Methyl Salicitate and Lavender oil, Kula CBD Muscle Cream was designed with one goal in mind: recovery

Organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO hemp

Third-party lab tested to 50 state legal

(Lab Results)

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Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream From The Ohana

Pain can make getting through the day a chore, but the premium ingredients in Kula Hawaii CBD muscle cream helps restore your body to its working best, free from any stress or discomfort. Most remedies for acute muscle and joint pain are slow to take hold but the effects of Kula Hawaii's CBD muscle cream work immediately so there isn't any need to put life on hold to get the genuine relief you deserve.

The cream has a pleasant odor and doesn't leave behind any greasy residue (as with other inferior muscle creams). Only the finest natural ingredients find their way into every jar of Kula CBD muscle and joint cream, including organic hemp grown and processed by Kula Hawaii themselves to ensure the highest levels of purity and quality.


Kula knows what is required to deliver their customers with products that improve their quality of life and this level of dedication is evident in every product they sell. Each jar features full-spectrum (non-isolate) CBD made solely using non-GMO hemp crops that never come into contact with harmful substances or chemicals, from seedling to harvest.

Benefits You Can Feel

The cream solution is crafted using a variety of superb essential oils that include lavender, shea butter, coconut, and menthol to boost the effectiveness of the product and bring rapid alleviation to aching joints and muscles. Not only will you experience potent healing effects quickly, but skin will be left feeling smoother and rejuvenated due to the restorative properties of these all-natural ingredients.

When inflammation and pain make their presence known, simply apply Kula's CBD muscle and joint cream to the problem area and enjoy the powerful effects right away. Jojoba oil helps make sure the cream never gets greasy or leaves behind an oily residue that is unpleasant or uncomfortable. Lavender and shea butter soothe and protect skin for total nourishment and gentle care. Menthol works to neutralize pain and soreness while delivering healing relief deep into ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles.


Why It Works

Cannabidiol (or "CBD" as it is commonly known) is a biological compound found in the hemp plant that interacts naturally with the body's neurological endocannabinoid network to transmit therapeutic effects to cells across the entire body by using key fatty acids.

This natural chemical has shown to possess a unique potential in treating an astonishing number of ailments, symptoms, and conditions, producing regenerative effects that have been cited to bring balance and harmony to disturbed or damaged parts of the body. Conditions including cancer, anxiety, and seizures have all had a positive response to CBD treatment, and many people are already aware of the incredible healing effects it can produce.

How To Use Kula CBD Muscle Cream

Take it with you wherever you go to harness the mighty benefits of the fully organic ingredients, whether at home or on the move.

Proven Quality

Kula Hawaii CBD muscle cream uses only the highest quality full-spectrum CBD available to allow stressed joints and muscles to benefit from its restorative and sustaining properties.

Kula Hawaii's CBD muscle and joint cream does not simply mask the pain but instead actually reduces inflammation so that joints and muscles can return to their top working condition and full mobility once more.

The product is unique in the fact that it is designed not just to treat acute pain symptoms but rather to actively promote a total restoration of damaged ligaments and tissue fibers. Stopping inflammation is an essential part of placing the body on the best possible pathway to a full recovery, and the first-class ingredients in Kula CBD muscle balm are uniquely focused to deal with this central problem.

Numerous satisfied customers have already discovered the impressive effects of the cream and have testified about its ability to deliver a swift and successful remedy for a variety of joint and muscle ailments.

Setting The Standard

Today, the market is flooded with products claiming to address muscle pain and relieve aching joint discomfort. However, most of these products are either not made using premium organic ingredients like those found in Kula CBD muscle balm or are insufficient in adequately meeting the demands of daily pain-sufferers.

By contrast, Kula Hawaii is a company comprised of dedicated team members who are genuinely motivated to provide an enhanced lifestyle and improved outlook for every one of their customers. This explains why they diligently oversee the entire production process from start to finish, thus ensuring price markups and middle-man fees are never passed on to the final end-user.

Kula Hawaii CBD cream for joint pain and muscle relief comes packaged in a 2 oz, 500 mg container, and is recommended to be applied topically every four to six hours or as required. Especially great for after workouts and exercise for rapid recovery. The superior quality of ingredients helps remove any potential concerns about the need to clean up after using the product out of the equation.

After you harness the power to deal with the hindrances of joint and muscle pain, you'll enjoy a renewed state of mind that leaves you with complete confidence to face the activities of daily life once again. As debilitating as joint and muscle pain may be, it can also be refreshing to know there is a solution to the problem that is safe, entirely natural, and capable to deliver comprehensive relief right where it's needed.

Don't put yourself at the mercy of untreated pain or waste untold amounts of money on ineffective products that lack organic ingredients. While prescription medication is another option that many seek, it's often difficult to know what side-effects or artificial chemicals you may be exposing your body to. However, you can instead receive the complete satisfaction of knowing just what your Kula Hawaii CBD muscle and joint cream is made from so you can focus on the freedom of having total control over how you choose to cope with joint and muscle pain.

Buy Kula Hawaii CBD cream for joint and muscle relief now and say goodbye to products that fail to deliver on their promises or mystery ingredients that make you wonder if you've missed the opportunity to get the best treatment for your pain. Voted Maui CBD and Hawaii CBD Local Choice.

Whats Inside?

The total list of ingredients used in Kula Hawaii CBD muscle cream is as follows:

- Fulsolate Full Spectrum CBD

- Lavender

- Shea Butter

- Jojoba

- Menthol

- Coconut

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