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CBD Oil Tincture

Nano Full Spectrum Oil - Kula CBD
Organic CBD Oil - Kula CBD
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Nano Full Spectrum Oil - Kula CBD

Full-spectrum (non-isolate) CBD that involves a variety of helpful compounds

Work synergistically with human endocannabinoid (ECS) system

Organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO hemp

Natural MCT oil from coconuts to assist in the balance and consistency of the product

Third-party lab tested to 50 state legal

(Lab Results)

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Full Spectrum CBD Directly From The Ohana

Harness the power of a superb CBD product crafted from purely non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients and nanosized for optimal digestive efficiency within the body. The NANO Full-Spectrum CBD oil from Kula offers a comprehensive assortment of nourishing compounds in a solution that is natural, effective, and easily absorbed.

This amazing oil tincture will let you bypass the often lengthy digestive process associated with other CBD intake methods, and customize the precise amount of required CBD to suit your needs. No wonder so many are looking to products like Kula's full-spectrum CBD oil as a safe and effective alternative solution for their stress, discomfort, and pain demands.


Kula Hawaii grows and manufactures all of their own raw hemp used in every one of their premium products. This helps to make Kula's Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture some of the finest nano CBD oil available on the market today. No mystery or middlemen are ever involved, as each bottle contains an unmatched level of purity and quality that can only come from entirely organic hemp sources. The product is then nanosized to make the CBD particles too small for the body to filter out, delivering nourishing CBD relief that is four to six times easier to absorb, and resulting in far less waste and highly increased efficiency.

Benefits You Can Feel

The benefits of this potent CBD tincture are wide-ranging and can be used to treat numerous ailments or conditions spanning from anxiety, premenstrual (or postmenopausal) syndrome, muscle aches and pains, or symptoms that arise from cancer or chemotherapy treatment. CBD receptors reside locally in the human body, so the active ingredients within Kula's full-spectrum CBD oil interface naturally with it to deliver alleviating effects that are in total harmony with the body's normal functions and processes.

Why It Works

Compounds including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and full-spectrum CBD (derived from premium hemp) resonate with the Endocannabinoid system to impart nourishment deep inside of key fatty acids that are then transported to and from cells throughout the whole body. This promotes much healthier stress levels, quicker recovery times from daily exercise, and an enhanced overall state of being that brings with it elevated degrees of serenity and focus to daily activities.

The simple list of ingredients that make Kula Hawaii's Full-Spectrum CBD oil so effective include:

  • Full-spectrum (non-isolate) CBD that involves a variety of helpful compounds
  • Terpenes that enhance the flavor and effectiveness of your therapeutic tincture
  • Phytocannabinoids that assist in delivering a more complete and powerful healing effect
  • Organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO hemp for the most natural and pure experience possible
  • Natural MCT oil from coconuts to assist in the balance and consistency of the product

How To Use Kula CBD Oil

Take it with you wherever you go to harness the mighty benefits of the fully organic ingredients, whether at home or on the move. The attached dropper cap makes it a breeze to apply a few drops underneath the tongue throughout the day for fast and effective relief.

Proven Quality

With Kula's Full-Spectrum CBD oil, you'll never need to worry about whether your product contains any harmful additives, as there are no artificial dyes or substances within its comprehensive formula. The best nano CBD oil on the market will provide you with everything your body needs, and nothing that it doesn't. Any pesticides, mildewcides, or herbicides that Kula uses when growing their hemp crops are free from toxic or artificial ingredients and are 100% organic. This ensures the purity of their product and guarantees full and consistent levels of safe, effective, and all-natural ingredients.

Each bottle of solution contains CBD tincture oil and comes in your choice of unflavored, banana, peppermint, or vanilla for a more enjoyable experience. The price is nearly unbeatable when compared to other products at this degree of quality and purity. Kula processes all of their hemp in state-of-the-art facilities that are capable of producing 3,000 kilos a day to provide a continuous supply of superior CBD products for their consumers. Sustainability is a point of focus for Kula Hawaii, and their environment-friendly focus means that only unsoiled tracks of land are used in their cultivation processes.

How To Use

Please note that it is recommended to give the bottle a gentle shake before using in order to settle the solution. If you are pregnant or expecting, make sure to consult with a doctor or healthcare professional before first deciding to use this product. The suggested dosage amounts range from 10-15 drops to be applied beneath the tongue, depending on the desired amount of cannabinoid support. Because there are no additives or dyes in the tincture, the color of the solution may vary depending on the batch.

Today, traditional forms of medicine have become more unreliable than ever before. Sadly, many pharmaceutical companies raise the prices of their products, and the countless number of possible side-effects and unknown ingredients make them a less dependable option than at any other time in recent history.

While for some people these products may be viable, others are seeking solutions outside the restrictions and conventions of pharmaceutical companies to obtain much-needed alleviation from numerous mental and physical ailments. Full-spectrum CBD oil can offer a unique and organic way to boost your health without risking the introduction of harmful or unknown chemicals into the body.

Don't allow your daily condition to fall to the wayside as you waste countless time looking for relief. Instead, take a proactive approach to improve your state of wellbeing and achieve greater amounts of focus, mobility, and independence over your life! When you choose the best nano CBD oil anywhere on the market from Kula Hawaii, you will have complete confidence that only all-natural ingredients will find their way into your body to deliver the finest CBD experience possible, time and time again.

Buy Kula Hawaii All-Natural Full-Spectrum CBD Oil now and enjoy more time spent above and beyond the pain, rather than at its mercy!

Whats Inside?

Natural MCT oil from coconuts, full spectrum cannabinol oil (CBD)

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