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CBD can produce a calming effect, and for many dogs that suffer from chronic anxietyCBD Oil can offer much-needed relief and rest, over time leading to overall health and wellbeing

KULA HAWAII CBD has formulated a Blend for your pets this 4th Of July. The owners live in Hawaii and if you EVER have seen Hawaii on the 4th of July, you would understand WHY the owners created this blend.


The lead up to any celebration with fireworks, such as New Years Eve and particular Bonfire Night, can be a very traumatic time for many dogs. The loud bangs and flashes created by fireworks are often very frightening for them, making them stressed and unpredictable, potentially putting their safety at risk.

Recommendations (based on Weight of Pet):


0-15 LB: 0.25 ML

16-35 LB: 0.5 ML

36-74 LB: 0.75 ML

75+LB: 1.00 ML

30 Minutes Prior to Stressful Event. 



Organic Salmon Oil, CBD, CBG, CBN from Distillate 

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