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THCV Tincture

Why is THCV a healthy alternative to THC?

THCV is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. It can be synthesised completely organically and naturally in the cannabis plant. The main reason for the excitement and anticipation around THCV is simply because many people are half-expecting each new cannabinoid to offer a valuable medical use.

Maybe it's logical to assume THCV will have medical uses. The boom in medical cannabis in recent years has seen plenty of media and medical reports detailing new areas of application and interest in cannabis medicine. Perhaps large pharmaceutical companies now feel obliged to investigate each new cannabinoid thoroughly. After all, there has simply never been as much interest in medical uses of cannabis. Cannabis prohibition may have stifled cannabis research for a generation. But now cannabis is a multibillion dollar industry, both for medical and recreational uses. It seems that pharmaceutical industries can’t afford not to investigate all new cannabinoids. So expect to hear a lot more about THCV in the future.

It’s interesting to see so much medical research into THC, CBD and now THCV. These are just the first 3 of dozens of cannabinoids. Imagine the medical potential from all the remaining lesser-known cannabinoids. Who knows what applications these cannabinoids will have, either on their own or in combination with others.

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